About Us

Barnabas Soccer Schools exist to provide high quality training for all children. Our unique and personalised methods ensure that every player makes progress regardless of ability. We have produced a number of players who are currently training within professional clubs academies, as well as some players now playing at full professional level, likewise we have coached a large number of children who play for local clubs or just play for fun. There is no selection, all players of all abilities are welcome and we believe all players will gain confidence, develop new skills and develop their football ability.

We coach players so they can improve and hone their skills, thus children can train with us as well as playing for a club.

Why Barnabas?

The word Barnabas means ‘encourager’ and at our football academy and in our football team, we seek to encourage all our children to achieve their best, not just in football but in all areas of their lives.

Our Coaching Philosophy

We use the principles of South American football coaching in order to create an environment in which players learn how to be comfortable with the ball at their feet. We believe that children need to fully develop the fundamental skills of football before they focus on tactics. We aim to develop the whole player / person: character, physical ability, technical ability and speed of thought.

We aim to:

– Develop individual skills, that players can then take into game situations;
– Create conditions that allow players to be creative on and off the ball;
– Develop quick touches combined with quick decision making;
– Teach players to make good decisions before receiving the ball;
– Encourage our players to use their skills to create unexpected situations for their opponents;
– Guide success and downplay failure, there is no failure just opportunities to learn and develop;
– Motivate by showing optimism, conviction and energy;
– Inspire players to become self motivated and train hard at sessions and at home;
– Provide maximum contact time with the ball by small group sizes, drills that optimise ball contact, reduced coach talk and maximum playing time;
– Make the players continually think;
– Ask questions so that the players begin to think and learn from their own success and mistakes;
– Allow players to play with minimum interference from the coach;
– Positively reinforce, self confidence and self esteem.

Our Training Sessions

We use the games and coaching techniques of Futebol de Salao and Futsal, developed in South America and credited with the successful development of many South American & European stars such as Messi, Ronaldinho and many more. We also use many drills and techniques developed from studying football skills training throughout the world and our own extensive coaching experience.

At our training sessions children spend the majority of the time with a ball each or in pairs, working to develop key skills and techniques. A typical training session consists of: core ball skills; passing; shooting; focus on a theme i.e. moves to beat players and Futebol de Salao or Futsal games

Our training sessions are held at Torquay Academy (3G Pitch), Cricketfield Road, Torquay TQ2 7NU, on Saturday mornings.

9 – 10 a.m. Barnabas Soccer Schools (aged 5 – 12 years old)

10.15 am – 11.45 a.m. Barnabas FC (u15 Team)

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